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Silk Road

» The relationship between the Far East and the West in the past days was possible through the land. The route that in the early 20th century by Ferdinand Van Richthofen was named as "Silk Road". From the Parthian era 100 BC, Persian had a great role for the growth of this road, and before the Renaissance era and the Industrial Revolution, the Silk Road was one of the most important factors for economic, science, technology, civilization, and even philosophical and religious thought exchange between East and West. Throughout history, it has been used also as a path to invasion and combat the middle section of this road is located in today's Iranian political geography. A beautiful path that has tried to choose the best distance to go through a hard geography. Caravansaries, Cisterns, castles and their fortifications are the main attractions in this route. Passing through this way is a journey through the history.

Classic Routes

» Tehran route to central and southwest cities of Iran with having the most historical monuments left over from the past and civilization background is known as Classic route of Iran's Tourism. Tourists who come to Iran for first time and whose goal is based to see more Heritage and historical sites, this route has great charms. Most of Iran's registered heritages in UNESCO are in this direction. The main cities of this route are Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and Kerman.

Combination Tours

» (Combination of Cultural, Eco, Historical and Adventure Tours) These categories of tours are combination of culture and nature, proper to see history and Sense of excitement. Desert, Kalouts, national Parks, beautiful valleys and Unbelievable horizons are the natural attractions of these packages. Pleasant experience of staying in camps, Eco lodges and local homes. These routes have the best prospects for professional photographers. The Silk Road Group with lots of experiences in the field of tourism has been trying to prepare the best combined travel packages.

Mountains Tours

» Measurement of global positioning system shows that Iran Country and the Persian plateau is under the influence of multifold convergences among African, Indian and Eurasian Plate, which has caused high mountain ranges in north, north eastern, south western and south east, as follows they are call; Alborz, Kopeh-Dagh, Zagros and Makran. The pressure on these tectonic plates causes variations and high peaks. Iran plateau has more than one hundred peaks with a height of more than 4,000 meters and great potential with beautiful scenery for mountain climbing and trekking.

Ski Tours

» Iran has fascinating snowy mountainous area, with beautiful ski Resorts that each year attracts a great deal of professional skiers. Winter and snow in the mountains provide a great opportunity for professional athletics. The Iranian ski season could be continued from December until the beginning of May. Iran has several beautiful ski resorts that are well-equipped and completely can answer recreational needs of skiers and their activity. The best ski resorts are located at the Alborz mountain range and are easily accessible from Tehran.